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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Product Spotlight: XXL Tote

XXL Tote
Product #3448 

Dimensions approx. 16.75" H x 23.5" W x 11" D
Shown here in L-R: Taupe, Navy, and Circle Spirals


*Durable canvas construction*

*Interior lobster claw*

*Interior hanging pouch with zipper pocket*

Thirty-One Uses for the XXL Tote:

1. Use at flea markets or yard sales to carry all of your new found treasures

2. Carry laundry back and forth to the Laundromat

3. Use at the Famers Market to carry your fresh fruits and veggies

4. Carry sleeping bag, pillow and jammies for sleepovers

5. Pack with extra clothes, shoes, etc. for road trips

6. Carry winter gear (snow clothes, gloves, hats, boots, etc)

7. Pack all of your camping supplies inside

8. Pack cheerleading gear (pom poms, sweats, jackets, etc.)

9. Store dress up clothes

10. Pack soccer gear (soccer ball, cleats, shin guards, etc.)

11. Pack football gear (pads, cleats, extra clothes, etc.)

12. Pack baseball gear (helmets, bats, and balls)

13. Babysitting bag-fill with books, games, puzzles, snacks, crayons, paper, cards) I am sure ALL babysitters would appreciate this!

14. Library Bag

15. Dirty Laundry bag-fold up and pack inside your suitcase and bring all of your dirty laundry home in the XXL bag instead of a flimsy garbage bag

16. Sam's Club or Cosco bag

17. Beach bag -carry beach towels, swim suits, floaties, sunscreen, beach balls, etc.

18. Kids Entertainment bag for road trips

19. Craft Show bag-fill with all of your craft show purchases

20. Mall Bag-put all of your shopping bags inside so you will only have 1 bag to carry

21. Teacher Bag

22. Picnic Bag-pack the about town blanket, picnic thermal tote with lunch inside, and a Frisbee

23. Gym/yoga bag-carry your extra clothes, shoes, towel, water bottle, and yoga mat

24. Knitting/sewing bag

25. Daycare bag-carry diapers, wipes, food, blankets, etc .back and forth to daycare)

26. Moving bag -fill with all of your necessities that you can't pack away

27. House warming bag-fill with gifts for the home owners

28. Scrapbook bag-store your supplies and albums

29. Carry birthday and Holiday presents inside

30. Game night bag-perfect for fitting board games inside

31. Trunk organizer bag-first aid kit, blanket, emergency food and water and extra clothes

Purchase it on my website here 

Cost @ $60
Add Personalization for $6 more


Want it cheaper??

Host a $750 party or more and purchase this tote for $10

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**I cannot take credit for the 31 Uses**

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